SoCal Jigs Website Design - Ecommerce, Photography, SEO

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I always have fun working with new clients. Each new project is like a new adventure. For the past month I have enjoyed working with the owner of SoCal Jigs, Tommy Capriotti, to brand his company and build an e-commerce website. Working with Tommy on his website has been a tailwind of learning about the fishing industry.

Tommy was born with fishing in his blood, so it was only a matter of time before it became his whole life. When he was shopping for fishing jigs a few years ago he noticed their was a hole in the market. He was looking for a particular Shimano Jig in the middle of the fishing season and they were nowhere to be found. He ordered a few different brands online that claimed to be the same quality as the big name brand only to get them in the mail a few day later and the quality was not up to par. The hooks were weak, the finish would chip, and it was done after a few uses. That is where the idea for SoCal Jigs was born. Tommy worked with multiple manufacturers to develop a quality product. After months of trial and error he created what he felt were the best options for flat fall jigs a blue sardine 160g flat fall jig and a 250g flat fall glow jig.

When Tommy first met with us he didn’t know what he wanted for his website, so we sat and talked about what was important to him, went through some websites that he liked the design elements of and eventually we developed a game plan for his website. He was a little reluctant at first because the original designer he hired to create his website developed a product that he was not happy with, and after a 6 month hiatus he wanted to get the ball rolling again.

After meeting with Tommy and getting his feel for what he envisioned we created two sample layouts for him and after a bit of tweaking we had a great design to start with. SoCal Jigs was built using a customizable builder that would be easy for Tommy to edit as his business grows and he starts to carry a larger variety of products. We arranged a photoshoot to take pictures of his products and integrated his e-commerce store. Once the site went live Tommy was blown away with the quality - he said it was better than he ever imagined.