I'm Amanda Livaudais and I have always had a passion of influence through design! Since my artistic vision becomes more vivid digitally I let my computer interpret my vision for me.

While working as a marketing consultant I realized I was passionate about creating a company’s brand identity and how important it is to creating a culture and tribe that will stick with your brand time and time again. I enjoy discussing a business owner’s vision for their company, what they want their culture to be and helping them express their brand and message to customers, employees, and the outside world.

I feel it is very important for all aspects of a company to align from their website to meeting them in person. I’ve worked with multiple small businesses to create or rebrand their image from logo design, website design, marketing collateral, social media, and even assisted developing a mobile app. 


Hey there, I’m Eden Noble. Most days you can find me on my phone or laptop at a local spot, whether it is a coffeeshop or a brewery. I am mostly known being the human version of Yelp! What can I say? People like to talk to me and tell me their opinions of places and service, then I go experience it for myself.  I love serving the world by being inclusive and trying to see the positive in people, places and things around me.

Aside from enjoying local libations, cuisine, and events I have joined the Liveaday Creative team. Now I can work with people who desire to turn their passion project into their life’s work. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and I am here to do the research, develop content, and give guidance as needed.

After 10 years in the winery industry I decided to shift into the financial aid sector of education. This change was brought on by thinking I needed to conform by having a “grown-up” job. What I have learned from the vastly different industries is that there are visionaries out there who need assistance in creating and implementing strategies to reach their end goals and manifest their dream. With the rapidly changing technology my goal is to help you understand how it effects and can supplement your business. Then with that knowledge I want to assist you in making your initial goal a reality, even if it looks slightly different at the end.